How to use this catalogue

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How to browse this catalogue

To browse, select the appropriate tab above: veterinary anatomy collections or anatomy teaching material. For more information about these tabs, click here.

Clicking these tabs will open a new menu with further options. Each new menu will offer subcategories to choose from, allowing the user to easily browse the anatomy collections.

For example, to browse the collection for a dog skull:

select "veterinary anatomy collections" from main menu.

select "osteology" from the veterinary anatomy collections submenu.

select "skulls" from the osteology submenu.

select "dog skulls" from the skulls submenu.

scroll through the results and select an item.

click 'add to cart' button.


How to search the catalogue

To search, place the cursor in the search box (top right and corner of any page). Type keywords into the search box and hit 'enter' for a list of items matching the search terms.

For example, to search for a dog skull:

place cursor in search box.

type "dog skull".

scroll through results and select an item.

click 'add to cart' button.


How to order

It is recommended that all requirements for a single practical session be ordered as one order. If anatomy material for more than one session is required, please submit a new order for each session.

After selecting all items required (multiple items can be added to the cart), click 'view cart' button (right hand side of any page) to be redirected to the cart.

Items can be removed from the cart at this stage.

Adjust quantity (ONLY if ordering cadaveric materials).

Click 'Begin checkout' button.

Complete 'Billing Address' details (this step is only required for first time users) and click continue.

Write any additional information in the 'Customer Note' box and click continue. Additional information should include; practical date and start times; practical details (eg small group rotations, single group etc); course name/code; and any other special requests/requirements.

Review the request and select 'Place order' to be redirected to the checkout results page (from here, an invoice can be viewed and printed).

A confirmation email should be sent within 1 hour. If this is not received, please contact Anthony Wilkes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Anatomy materials can be collected from the anatomy office (Rm G14, Vet. Sci. Bldg) on the day requested (unless specified for earlier collection).