The veterinary anatomy catalogue allows the user to browse defined categories for teaching material or search for a specific item in the collections. The catalogue has been separated into veterinary anatomy collections, animal cadaver requests and electronic learning resources.

The veterinary anatomy collections tab can be used to browse the permanent collections within the anatomy catalogue. This includes skeletal material (skulls, articulated skeletons, disarticulated skeletons), prosections (prepared dissections that can be viewed only) and teaching models.

The animal cadaver requests tab can be used to browse cadavers and cadaveric materials for dissection. These items may be subject to availability and can be dissected during teaching sessions. Please note, prosections are not to be dissected. They have been skillfully prepared to demonstrate specific anatomical structures.

The electronic learning resources tab provides access to a wide range of anatomy and physiology related learning resources. These resources include PowerPoint presentations, online quizzes and information sheets.

The Anatomy Resource Room tab can be used to view the room availability for Teaching Lab East (Anatomy) and the Anatomy Resource Room. When available, these spaces can be booked for independent revision.

For instructions on how to use this catalogue on the 'how to use this catalogue tab', or click here.